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This site is dedicated to all fans of vintage Hallicrafters radios!
This is the home of all things HALLICRAFTERS -- equipment information, on-the-air HF Nets, email reflector, nostalgia, Hallicrafters Special Event Station W9WZE, shortwave listening (which is most enjoyable when using a classic Hallicrafters receiver), and other features.

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Shortcuts to the Excitingstuff!
* New Technical Tips article about SR 400 Cyclone I upgrade to Cyclone II from WD0GOF!
*Hallicrafters BC-610 Info in Voice of Victory Film from World War II Part 1 Part 2
* New Technical Tips article about SR 150 repair from WD0GOF!
* New Technical Tips article about SR SERIES RIT/CAL ADJ DISCUSSION from WD0GOF!
* A manual for the RARE R-649/UR receiver courtesy of Richy N2ZD (large file 39.3Meg)
* SX-28 Information courtesy of Jim Hawkins WA2WHV
* New FPM-200 & HT-2A photos from WA2RQY!
* SX-28 Information courtesy of Western Historic Radio Museum
* DD-1 Information courtesy of Western Historic Radio Museum
* Check the Ads on KG4KZG's "FOR SALE/SWAP" Page
* Sampson's English Language SW Broadcast Skeds
* WA5SWN is Vintage DX 100 Award Honor Roll #13!
* Bill Ripley is the S-38 Guy!
* A schematic for the 6 tube S-38 with BFO

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CQ Serenade words and music by the late Maurice Durieux VE2QS and VE2BR, played by VE2QS and his orchestra, vocal by Joyce Hahn. Produced around 1951.

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