Radio Belize
from the collection of Fred Mooney, KA1DGL

I obtained this card in 1975, when I was 14, living in Massachusetts. I heard about Radio Belize on HCJB's "the DX Party Line" with Clayton Howard. I had never logged anything in the 90 meter band, and was intrigued by this tropical station from a place I had never even heard of before. It was the first station I really hunted down. Amazingly, I heard this 1kW catch with a three-transistor, Radio Shack "Globe Patrol" receiver built from a $25 kit. As I recall, my antenna was a 30 foot longwire.
I can still remember my excitement hearing "God Save the Queen" from this former British Crown Colony, played at sign-off time thru a lot of noise. A week later, after stalking it every night until 1:00 AM, I finally had clear enough copy to get a QSL card.
- Fred Mooney, KA1DGL

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