Below are Frequently Asked Questions about using the Mailman mailing list software that we use here at Please take a moment and go through them and see if they address any problem you may be having before requesting help. Note that all most everything list members need to do can be accomplished using the List Options web page.

Q - I forgot my password. What now?
A - Mailman sends out a monthly reminder to every subscriber with all his subscription information including the List Options page URL and passwords for each list you're subscribed to. If you can't wait, you can have your password mailed to you using the List Options page. Below is an example of what a password reminder will look like. Note that the clickable link will take you directly to your options page for that list.

Passwords for:
List Password // URL
---- --------------- leg table george

Q - I have a new email address. How can I change my subscription address?
A - Mailman allows you to change your subscription address for each list or globaly (for all lists at QTH.Net) from the List Options Page.

Q - Why have I stopped receiving messages from the list?
A - Mailman tracks bouncing mail. If mail to you bounces because your ISP is having problems or your mail box is full for several days, your subscription will be put on hold by our system. Mailman will periodically mail you to see if you want to continue your subscription, but if you fail to respond, your subscription will be removed. If you are not going to be collecting your mail for some time you should put mail from the list on hold to prevent this. You can do this on the List Options page. People that continue to have mail delivery problems should find an alternative email service that is reliable.

Q - I get 2 of each post to the mailing list, why?
A - You probably subscribed twice with different addresses. Mailman will not allow duplicate subscriptions with the same address. Pay attention the the monthly password reminder message as it will show you the addresses you are subscribed under.

Q - Can I receive a digest instead of individual messages?
A - Yes. You can choose to subscribe to the digest instead of your subscription for individual posts. You can do this on the List Options page. If you want to get the digest and individual posts from the same list, you will have to subscribe twice (once for the digest and once for individual posts) with different addresses.

Q - How can I post from 2 or more addresses to a "members-only" list?
A - Most of our lists are restricted to "members-only", meaning if you post from an address that isn't a member of the list, the message is held for moderator's approval. Members-only lists are increasingly popular because they reduce the amount of spam seen by the list.

The problem then is for people who want to post to the list from two or more addresses, but only want one of those addresses to receive list postings. E.g. say I sometimes post to the list from joe@dom1.ain and sometimes as joeblow@dom2.ain. I'd like both postings to be treated as coming from a list member, but I don't want duplicates of list messages; I only want joe@dom1.ain to get the messages.

The solution for this is to actually subscribe both addresses to the list, but to disable delivery from all but one of the addresses. So in the above example, I'd subscribe joe@dom1.ain and joeblow@dom2.ain, but I would disable delivery to joeblow@dom2.ain.

You can disable delivery to an address by going to the List Options page for that address and setting "Mail delivery" to "disabled".

Q - How do I start a mailing list at QTH.Net?
A - Starting a mailing list for your amateur radio club or special interest is easy! Just contact us! There href="" target = "main" target="_blank">contact us! There is no cost (but a $25/year donation is suggested) and you can accomplish administration on the web with the Mailman administrative interface.

Q - I'd like to donate to QSL/QTH.Net, but how?
A - Thank you for your support!! Please see this page for information on how to donate via check, money order, credit card and PayPal.

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