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Bill Russell willy at global2000.net
Mon Apr 1 18:53:01 EST 2002

At 02:17 PM 4/1/02 -0800, you wrote:
>Nothing too dark and sinister, Brian.
>Someone posted using the phrase "piss and moan"
>in a message and one of our more sensitive
>readers took offense.  (no offense meant
>towards that reader :)
>In a way I can agree as their MIGHT be a younger
>audience looking things over here, but they are
>likely to hear much more graphic terms on short-
>wave and then there are the lids on the Amateur
>bands...  I call them the 'Belch-n-Fart Domain'
>(BFD for short).  You know the ones !  Those that
>keep a channel "in use" with all kinds of ahem
>'natural (and some UNnatural) body sounds', so
>the AM nets can be accused of pirating a frequency
>when they come on the air... :)  And then there is
>always the occasionally 'gob' (good ol' boy)
>that thinks (maybe) that PTT stands for
>'profane tuneup techniques'...

Ahhhh yes..................but between those noises, there is more am 
knowledge and serious technical chatter than you will find on the rest of 
the band!!!

>On Mon, 1 Apr 2002, B. Morgan Sherrod wrote:
> > I must have missed something with this.  Seems others
> > know what this is about, but I'm in the dark.
> >
> > With no Subject or copy of the original message how is
> > this message to be interpreted?
>Yeah.. Don't those 'no subject' subjects kill ya ? :)
> > Fill me in PLEASE!
> >
> > Brian / W5AMI
>Btw, Brian..  If you're not a member of "AMI" ?
>You sure SHOULD be with a call like that :)
>AMI# here is: 1302
> > ----- Original Message -----
> >
> > > Don't need your vulgarity showing up on my screen.
>73 4 now,
>            Bruce - KB6LWN/rcc
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