[AMRadio] (no subject about delete key logic)

Todd Bigelow - PS tbigelow at pop.state.vt.us
Tue Apr 2 10:28:51 EST 2002

Now Bruce...

Please don't tell us you're one of these people who believes no one has any
responsibility for themselves online, or to remove themselves from a situation
that they don't care for. I find that most of the people who make such lame
complaints on here wouldn't dream of doing so in public("Hey - you can't say
words like that! I might hear you and be offended!"). Rather it's just easier
to be bold and try to be the thought/speech/whatever police from behind a

Maybe if we all put it in the context that the list admin is capable of
deciding what should or shouldn't be done or said on any particular list, we'd
be better off. The fact that some of us offer suggestions to the
'politically-correct-challenged' out there on an easeir, less stressful way to
use the list shouldn't be seen as a bad thing. I bet many of us use our delete
key at least 20% of the time or more. I do it a fair amount on messages
without even reading them, based on subject. And, unless it's a message with
useful info I want to keep, I always delete it afterwards anyhow. To imply
that nothing should arrive in your inbox that you might have to delete says
that we must all think, speak, and act like you to be allowed here. Not
likely. ;)

It's time to stop expecting the rest of the world to conform to your views,
Bruce. We all must take responsibility for ourselves and our actions, simple
as that. This responsibility extends to removing ourselves from situations or
ignoring silly things that offend or otherwise don't meet with our views on
life and/or AM radio. If someone were to list a Kenwood 940 for sale, I'd
likely be one of the first to suggest they take it to a more appropriate forum
and explain why it would benefit all involved. However, if the same person
made comparisons between the 940 and a 32V-2, I wouldn't throw a fit over it
just because I detest riceboxes and therefore, don't like hearing about them.
Everyone isn't like me, afterall(thank GOD for that!), and if they choose to
discuss something I'm not interested in or don't like, then it's up to me to
remove myself(or the message)from the situation and not expect them to conform
to my ideas of what is and isn't the correct view.

So, let's leave those decisions to the list admin and try our best to help
newbies(or the p-c-challenged)to better understand how to enjoy discussing old
radios here in cyberspace without blowing a filter cap in the process. It
might take a little getting used to, but it's possible.

As far as the broken keyboard goes, I'll gladly give you a new one, once we
see that you've begun to recover. You really should see someone about these
violent outbursts, though.  (:

de Todd/'Boomer'  KA1KAQ

Bruce - KB6LWN/rcc wrote:

> And yet AGAIN, the 'lame duck delete key logic'
> raises it's 'beauty challenged' head...  QUACK!
> This ain't no Swan folks!

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