[AMRadio] Suggestions for restoring a DX-100

russ dworakowski wb3fau at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 3 14:35:50 EST 2002

John,  what to do   with  your DX-100 has a lot to do with how  it  has been 
stored.  Transformers  are  not a common  problem in the  DX 100 as  they 
are the potted type  and  less subject  to moisture damage.
Replacement of  power supply  electrolytiics  is  most  common problem.  
These rigs sit around  not  in use  for  long  periods causes  the  
capacitors to go bad.  There are a  few in the   audio  section  to check as 
well.  Good  luck and  have  fun!   Russ

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>Subject: [AMRadio] Suggestions for restoring a DX-100
>Date: Sun, 24 Mar 2002 11:43:38 -0600
>     I have a DX-100 and I am looking for any tips or advice
>before I begin working on it.  It is in good cosmetic condition
>and the quality of the soldering looks good.
>     I am familiar with the replacement of electrolytics, however,
>my expertise with aging components pretty much stops here.
>     What I  am mostly concerned about is trying to avoid the
>problems some people talk of such as losing mod transformers
>from the failure of other aging components.
>     What precautions should I be taking? What other components
>should be scrutinized. ?
>     Any suggestions or links that may be good reading on this
>topic ?
>     Thank You
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>     John WAØSTX
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