[AMRadio] Suggestions for restoring a DX-100

Todd Bigelow - PS tbigelow at pop.state.vt.us
Wed Apr 3 15:43:41 EST 2002

I have a set up made for me by a friend. It consists of a piece of something
copper-covered (like circuit board, but more flexible)onto which he made a
trace(gap) separating two regions. Then(IIRC), some scroaty diodes between the
two areas and a clip lead soldered to each for attaching to a variac. I *think*
the idea he came up with was to solder the cap leads to the copper regions and
run the variac up, while at the same time monitoring with a VOM(leads placed one
on each region of foil). It's been a few years since I looked at it, so I could
be in error here. He used it to reform the new caps in my spare 30L-1(on
long-term loan to him) when he replaced them. He then passed the stuff onto me
and I had every intention of going through my filter caps and renewing them,
just never found time.

Questions: one would guess that reforming would work fine as long as the
electrolyte is in good shape, but how can you tell until it goes *POW*? Wouldn't
it make sense that this stuff has dried out over the years resulting in an
otherwise-new cap becoming shorted? In other words, even if you can bring a cap
back to life slowly, how safe is it in your gear?

Just curious. I have a bunch of NOS Twist-loks and a number of the 4-pin octal
base units that I'd love to be able to use, but it almost seems like gutting and
rebuilding would be better from a safety standpoint?

de Todd/'Boomer'  KA1KAQ

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