[AMRadio] Suggestions for restoring a DX-100

Vince Werber ka1iic at prexar.com
Thu Apr 4 07:57:17 EST 2002

That's a fact DOn!

I used to work at the DEP lab in Maine and heeheehee they almost
dumped when I broght in a 'Pyronol' cap for them to 'look' at...

I was ask to remove it 'NOW!'  heeheehee

Don't make a bit of difference if it's a pint of 55 gallons the
price to remove is the same...  figure that one...


On Thu, 4 Apr 2002, Donald Chester wrote:

> >From: W4AWM at aol.com
> ...old oil filled caps most likely contain PCBs.  Be
> >extremely careful should you ever have to clean up after one of these
> >things.
> >  It would be a good idea to check with your local EPA should a
> >catastrophic
> >failure ever occur.
> I would be reluctant to do that.  Wouldn't they send in a team of toxic
> waste disposal experts, dressed in what looks like spacesuits, then send you
> a bill for tens of thousands of dollars for the cleanup?
> Don K4KYV
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