[AMRadio] Suggestions for restoring a DX-100

Mike Dorworth k4xm at dovelink.com
Sat Apr 6 09:16:14 EST 2002

read a few GE Pyranol ads in the 30's and 40's.The pcb is for high temp
without burning up, just why asbestos an pcb make great brakes..for you am
mobile rig vehicle. hee hee Mike

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> > I think they quit putting PCB in
> > brake fluid sometime in the 60's or 70's.
> Poly-chlorinated Biphenyls in brake fluid?? It has electrical insulating
> properties for use in caps and transformers, but why in brake fluid?
> Temperature tolerance?? Seems like a rather high-tech solution for a
> problem the industry probably didn't care about anyway. It was 68/69
> before GM solved their vapor-lock problems with the constant-flow return
> to the gas tank from the fuel pump.
> Bill K2AME
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