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Mike Dorworth k4xm at dovelink.com
Sat Apr 6 10:35:10 EST 2002

There is some super information in the 13, 14, and maybe even15th edition of
the Editors and Engineers Handbooks.Bill Orr was the editor after the 13th
to the end. The two stable vfos used forms, one phenolic, one ceramic, that
have the same temperature coefficients of expansion as the wire. One used
very hot wire tightly wound so that when it cooled on the form they were
one, the other matched the phenolic form with the other componets for the
same effect...hope this helps, Mike, K4XM

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> > The band switching seems to work very well, but I found out
> the source of my warm up drift....its in the coils.
> When I switch bands, the 'new' coil has to warm up....
> Odd....
> Brett
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