[AMRadio] V.F.O Stability information.

Mike Dorworth k4xm at dovelink.com
Mon Apr 8 18:42:54 EDT 2002

Some really good stuff on building stable VFO's can be found in the following:

"One Tube VFO Unit", 1951 Editors and Engineers 13th Edition, p. 480

"A High Stability VFO Unit", 1956 Editors and Engineers 14th Edition, p. 510

"A High Stability VFO for the DX Operator", 1959 Editors and Engineers 15th edition, p. 604

"VFO Stabitity- Recap and Postscript", September 1966 QST, p. 22  (part 1)

"VFO Stability- Recap and Postscript", October 1966 QST, p. 26 ( part 2)

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