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George Pritchard gpritchard at comtechpst.com
Wed Apr 10 11:27:40 EDT 2002

Keep in mind: If any modifications are made to the speech amp to include
negative feedback (reduces gain) for improved broader freq responce and
reduced distortion... the additional drive from the amplified d-104 may be
the perfect solution in that case. My modifierd dx-100 (similar circuit) now
requires 1 volt at the mike connector after 20 dB of negative feedback was
implemented. I use an old Dynaco stereo preamp to drive it. I hope this
doesn't "muddy the waters" for this thread.
George AB2KC

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A thought on amplified D-104 mikes.
Maybe it is better to use the amplified mike! The internal amp on the mike I
would think has a high impedance input that the mike element sees unlike
most radios supply. By keeping the gain on the amp at minimum it should not
overdrive the radio speech amp? This way the mike element sees the proper
termination.  ??

Gary  K4FMX

manualman at juno.com wrote:

> Don't use an amplified D104 on the Apache.

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