[AMRadio] re: Apache audio Real good

WILHITE, JIM w5jpwilhite at msn.com
Mon Apr 15 09:15:24 EDT 2002

I am not sure about the Apache manual, but the DX 100 manual says that the modulation transformer is mismatched.  I am guessing that since the design is pretty much the same that holds true for the Apache.

73  Jim
de W5JPW

I'm curious as what Apache manual you're reading. I can't find any
reference to where Heath engineers intentionally mismatched the
modulation transformer to force more audio through it. Are you refering
to the fact that they designed it for class AB2 audio or some other
evidence. See page 7, paragraph 7 of the manual: "The modulation
transformer provides the proper match between the modulator output
impedance and the load impedance."

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