[AMRadio] WTB: WRL Globe King 500-C (or A)

russ dworakowski wb3fau at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 22 14:34:10 EDT 2002

I forgot  who  wanted  the  500.  Why not a B?

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> > The globe king 500 is one of those transmitters where everything
> > seems very marginal, and cries out for re doing.
> > I was very unhappy with mine, used just the RF deck for a while,
> > then took it all apart for parts.
> > I gave many of the parts away to other globe king owners,
> > and think I wound up giving almost all the parts away.
> >
> > Its just one of those rigs I could not deal with, the whole
> > design was based on making it inexpensive.
> >
>I don't think Leo intended to make the WRL line the Rolls Royce of
>He filled a gap in the market that allowed many an amateur who either did
>not have the time to build a beefy rig, or simply could not afford the more
>expensive rigs on the market.  Considering what some of the solid state 
>go for new and USED today, and that their AM ability in most cases is a far
>cry from what a GK can do stock, I would rather buy a GK500 for $1000 if I
>had to.  Of course that's assuming you want an AM rig.  If you want to talk
>about ridiculous pricing, how about the Johnson 500's??  I saw one of them
>go for $3000 about three years ago.  Is it REALLY that much better than a
>GK500?  Not in my humble opinion...
>PS: And unless I missed something, Leo is NOT a SK.
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