[AMRadio] WTB: WRL Globe King 500-C (or A)

Todd Bigelow - PS tbigelow at pop.state.vt.us
Tue Apr 23 12:11:17 EDT 2002

Sure, but the Desk KW has drawers and a good sized desk top where you can pile a lot of nifty related gear - you could fit both of your GKs on top and still have room for more. It also has a really nice amp inside (strikingly similar the the equivalent section of the KW-1)
that slides out on rollers for easy access. Pretty clever idea, really.

I have a NOS GK cabinet along with the RF section of a T-368 up over my garage. I've been hoping they'd both regenerate their missing parts, like a snake does when you cut its tail off. No luck so far. I've even threatened to build something in the cabinet, but even that
hasn't worked. This is as close as I've come to having a GK. I've seen a few but never owned one. I think the 400 would appeal more to me as well. Just where does one find V70D tubes, though? I'd never even heard of this tube until a friend obtained what he calls his "Globe
Queen" modified 400 model a few years back.

Boomer,  KA1KAQ

"WILHITE, JIM" wrote:

> The Johnson Desk KW was available but if memory serves me right it was more expensive.  Leo sort of did for hams what Henry Ford did for autos.  I have had a C model and have an A model currently.  I like both since I have no desire to push them beyond their capabilities
> For what I paid (very little in both cases),  I get 300+ watts out, decent audio and all in a package that is reasonably sized.  I doesn't take up half of my hamshack.
> 73 all
> Jim
> de W5JPW

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