[AMRadio] Virus/Worm, Web Mail, mailing lists

Bruce - KB6LWN/rcc kb6lwn at qsl.net
Sun Apr 28 01:34:18 EDT 2002

Hi Don (and group),

I believe this latest flood is mainly due to those
GUppIes (GUI Yuppies) that haven't RTFM for their
computer and don't have ANY idea how to toggle the
auto-execute functions of their eMail client, so...
whenever they get an eMail containing a worm their
client automatically opens and/or executes attach-
ments and there you have it - massive propagation.
Which of course all of us have to deal with, even
those of us that don't run WinDohs...

And of course THEY don't have the slightest idea
they've been infected, and don't even think to
question why their computer is spending more time
online sending mail, or don't even notice it at all.

Also those that think updating their Anti-Vir software
on a weekly or (ugh!) monthly basis is enough!  Not so!
If I were running WinDohs (which I NEVER WILL!) I'd up-
date on at least a DAILY basis - if not more often.
You always have to consider that even IF you update on
a daily basis, it's going to take the AV folks a day or
two (maybe more) to catch a new attack and add it to
their new data files, and by that time there is a LOT
of infection already.

IMHO, the ONLY way to keep this from happening is to
get RID of 'WinDohs' and then the worms wouldn't have
such fertile ground to burrow in...  JMHO...

And probably WAAAY o/t so I'll hop off my soapbox now :)
<sliding it back under the desk>

73 2 all,

On Sun, 28 Apr 2002, Donald Chester wrote:

> before you can open any of them.  Supposedly, you cannot get a virus from 
> simply opening e-mail unless you open an attachment.  But I have heard 
> numerous people say that simply downloading a virus-laden message has 
> adversely affected their computers.

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