[AMRadio] Hamcom-Dallas is coming

Tommye & Jim Wilhite w5jo at alluretech.net
Mon May 5 14:53:18 EDT 2003

Good Morning all:

Well Hamcom in on the horizon and I am planning to attend the festivities.

I have some items that I would bring to any buyers if you want them.  The
list follows:

Gates AM-80 AM modulation monitor.  Recapped and calibrated and in good
condition with user manual that contains schematic.    $250.00

McMartin TBM 8500 AM modulation monitor.  Had to replace the input pad.  It
evidently had a lightning strike at some point and there are black marks
under the input SO 239 and pad.  The carrier level meter sticks at midpoint
but can be adjusted.  My hands shake too much to do that but otherwise it
works properly.  Have manual and schematic.  $150.00

Hallicrafters HT 37.  In good condition both electrically and cosmetically.
Some mouse stuff on the chassis top.  PTT mod and recapped, mike connector
changed to 1/4 inch phone plug.  Manual copy, works well.  $150.00

Hammurlund HQ 140X with Central Electronics model DQ Q/multiplier in good
condition.  Chassis is clean and it has been recapped.  Face has some very
small specks of white paint on it but they are not noticeable from 5 feet.
This radio has been stored indoors all its life. Aligned and works very
well.  $175.00 with a copy of the manual.

If you want any of this equipment I can bring it to Dallas for Hamcom.  Let
me hear your offers and proposals.

73  Jim
de W5JO

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