[AMRadio] Re: [R-390] Hosstraders Spring 2003 hamfest report

Todd Bigelow - PS tbigelow at pop.state.vt.us
Tue May 6 16:05:51 EDT 2003

flood at Krohne.com wrote:

>Greetings all,
>My Amelco 390A came back home with me and sadly the SP600 Boomer mentions
>here went home with someone else.  Mr. Mike stopped by and asked why I was
>thinking about selling it and I told him about the '67 EAC I had picked up
>and he understood my parting with the Amelco.  With "Mr. Mike's" blessings
>in hand, I put up the radio for $400.00 /B.O.  With meters, a good looking
>front panel, new (from Fair Radio) BFO I replaced 1-2 months ago, as well
>as being a working unit, (sounds like a sales pitch doesn't it!) 
Mike has been hauling these things home for decades and he's one of the 
original founders of this list (along with Chuck), so he has a pretty 
good idea of value. Considering the condition, that was a great price. 
Makes no sense that someone would buy one over ePay without being able 
to see it, for twice as much, yet no one would snap up yours. Being able 
to see the radio and touch it (sure got your attention when I spun that 
Veeder Root counter!) is really hard to beat when you're looking to 
spend some cash on a real radio. For someone who can drive to meet you, 
it's a great deal. I wouldn't ship it without one of Hank's shipping 
containers or something similar, though. Too nice of a radio to let a 
careless shipper smash.

>I was
>Emailing Barry H. about the Y2K manual and the issue came up. He thinks
>it's an omen that I need two 390A's. 
Barry is right. You really need at *least* two R-390As, and R-390s also. 
Maybe even SP-600s. There aren't many radios I'd care to have duplicates 
of, but those three are in the running. After all, the government had 
thousands, so....keep in mind that as soon as you part with it, you'll 
regret it. That's one of the rules, it's written somewhere. Check the 
Y2K manual.

>  Hmmm... Can anyone help me with documentation on a Servo
>Corp. R5200-A2 V/UHF Rcvr.......That's my input from Hosstraders. 
Sounds like an interesting rig. Servo made something R-390-related, 
didn't they? Maybe they modified receivers?

> See you in the fall, I hope!
A few years ago we made plans via these lists to meet up at some point. 
Might be a good idea to try it again in October. I'm already getting 
emails from people who were there but somehow we missed meeting up. Not 
only that, it's a great way to do some trading or redistributing of 
gear. I've had good luck over the years with listmember trades, got 
hosed once by holding a piece of gear for someone who backed out at the 
end of the day, but otherwise it's been a great way to get things I need 
and to get rid of what I don't. Only 5 months to go....

73 de Todd/'Boomer'  KA1KAQ

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