[AMRadio] Camp X Field Day

VE3ZQW-Matthew mbatten at eagle.ca
Tue May 13 23:39:24 EDT 2003

On the weekend of June 7-8 the Camp X Historical Society (www.campxhistoricalsociety.ca) with the radio amateurs of the Durham Region will be doing their annual radio re-activation of the former Spy training and SIGINT operation known as Camp X.
Operation will be on all HF bands with all modes planned. Callsign for the event will be VE3SCX.  Frequencies will depend on conditions at the time.
Camp X, located outside of Toronto, was in operation from 1941 til 1969 teaching the art of intelligence, sabotage while operation as a relay station between Great Britain, Canada, and the USA.
Next year our group will be building a museum to pay tribute to these secret warriors.

Many thanks and 73's

 Matthew Batten-VE3ZQW
VE3ZQW at rac.ca 

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