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Merz Donald S merz.ds at mellon.com
Wed May 21 12:41:19 EDT 2003

Some months ago, I was asking on one of these lists about the book Don Wallace, W6AM--Amateur Radio's Pioneer. Someone recommended checking out Ham Radio Outlet in Anaheim for a copy. So this is an update.
I did call HRO and ordered one of these books for $29.99, shipping included. It arrived brand new and complete--no pages were missing (there was some discussion that these HRO copies might be missing some pages). 
I am most of the way through it and I can recommend this book to anyone. It is excellent. Sometimes when you read technical histories, the writer does not know or does not include the details--what kind of tubes? in what circuits? etc. Not so here. In this book the writer is a ham who is interested in both the technical side and the history. And he has done a wonderful job of bringing them both together--along with an outstanding set of photographs. 
You should buy this book--you would enjoy it very much, I think.
One philosophical comment: The women in Don Wallace's days must have been willing to put up with more than our wives are asked to put up with today in the name of our hobby. Mrs.. Wallace certainly endured many lonely evenings and unique events in the name of Don's "hobby"--any two of which would probably have landed me in divorce court. Heck, the guy picked out his family's home (twice!) on the basis of its' suitability as an antenna site. And at one of those houses, one of his 90 foot telephone-poles fell over in a storm and crushed the roof in. Yes sir, if I have one complaint about the book, it is that Don's wife does not get enough credit.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT

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