[AMRadio] Moving things

Larry Will lwill at voicenet.com
Sat May 24 10:57:41 EDT 2003


Have fun with the RCA's. I am finishing up a rebuild of a BTA-1R1 
here.  Nice box with good audio.  If you are lucky it has the later plate 
and mod xformers which are very reliable.  Made by Electro-Tech as I recall.

I megged, baked, and redipped some of the other iron pieces in mine.


Larry W3LW

At 10:47 AM 5/24/03 -0400, you wrote:
>If everything goes as planned ( and so far everything has gone wrong )
>I am getting sometime next week, or moving a BTA 1R1 and the orignal RCA 250
>watter from the 1230 here. The RCA runs on 120V.   I will hopefully have the
>help of a tower crew to move the goodies. If not I am in deeeep doo doo.
>Powell W4OPW
>NNNN !!
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