[AMRadio] FS Collins 820D-1, KW AM Xmtr

efmhonduras efmhonduras at globalnet.hn
Sat May 24 14:34:29 EDT 2003

I am very interested in your 820D, please let me know how I can contact you 
direct.  Don W5FFK email wa5ffk at juno.com

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>Due to the time and space involved, I have decide not to convert this
>beautiful transmitter.  It is an original owner unit built by Collins in
>1869 in 1969.  All original documentation from the factory and installation
>is included.  Very large 8 1/2 X 11 notebook with all pages in plastic
>The Collins 820D-1 uses a pair of 5-500's modulated by a pair of the same.
>The transmitter is solid state up to the final and modulators.
> Most users converted the transmitter to use 4-400's by simply changing the
>filament transformers. I have the new transformer designed for this
>The transmitter comes with a remote control panel for operation from the
>operators position.  The transmitter is designed to be placed flush against
>a wall.  Everything is serviced from the front. It is 23 inches deep, 41
>inches wide and 69 inches tall.
>Complete manual with very large extra schmatics.  A spare audio driver card
>and extra exciter unit is included. All iron is original and has been
>removed and taged for easy handling.
>The transmitter is located near Tallahassee, Fl just off I-10.  The
>transmitter can be moved in a standard size pickup. Help will be provided
>for loading.  The transmitter can be delivered within a 200-300 mile area.
>Priced at $1200.00 and I will consider a trade or partial trade.
>Thanks es 73,
>Bob, W4WSZ
>AM'ing over 50 years
>SAMRC #12
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