[AMRadio] Bob Hope's Birthday / US Army MARS

Tomas (NW7US) nw7us at hfradio.org
Sat May 24 15:03:40 EDT 2003

Hi, Folks.

As some of you know, Bob Hope is turning 100 years-of-age on May 29, 2003.  Many 
of us were entertained by Mr. Hope, during our time in the Military Service.  
And others of us might have enjoyed his good cheer from Old Time Radio, and so 

To show our appreciation, the US Army MARS is asking you to submit a "Happy 
Birthday" greeting to Bob Hope via the MARSgram service of the US Army MARS.  If 
you would like to extend your birthday greeting to Mr. Bob Hope, I have set up a 
way for you to submit this free MARSgram via:


Send your message, today!

73 de Tomas, NW7US (AAR0JA/AAM0EWA)
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