[AMRadio] screwdriver antenna

Larry Saletzki wa9vrh at mtco.com
Sun May 25 06:49:30 EDT 2003

Hi Richard, I would get in contact with Don Johnson W6AAQ. He is the person
mainly responsible for the invention of the screwdriver antenna.  He used to
have instructions on building one available. He does sell hhis DK-3 and I
believe it is $150.00 plus shipping. They are not shiney but you can make
them that way if you want. I have one and it works great. I know of 5 other
people in my area that have them and all agree they do very well. Don is
good on QRZ.com but I don't know if that is a current e-mail address. The
last phone number I have is 530-787-3905.
Good luck you will love his antenna! 73 Larry WA9VRH

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Hi fellows,

Does anyone know where I could find instructions on how to build a
screwdriver antenna for mobile operation....either on the net or perhaps a
publication?  I am pretty handy and just can't afford to purchase
one...thanks for your time.


Richard N7HH in Oregon

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