[AMRadio] 1/4 in shaft insulators

hogtamer hogtamer at wt.net
Sun May 25 12:25:08 EDT 2003

Hello John,

Funny how you find KNOWLEDGE in the most unlikely places!
First of all Phenolic is available from most any plastic
supply store ie:  Cadalliac Plastics, A-1 Plastic here in
the Houston area.

If you have any friends in the machine shop business, check
and see if they do Broaching. IF so then go see them with a
piece of Delrin (round stock) and see if they will Broach
you a 1/4" square hole thru the middle. Then you can simply
drill and tap holes on the Square sides for Set Screws and
you have your very solid Union which is RF proof.

For the "True" Home brew "ARTIST" you could buy either
Delrin or phenolic, Drill say a 3/16" hole thru the middle
then with a small SQUARE File which they sell at the
hardware store, you could make your own.  Alot of work but
would save you some bucks if that is what you are after.

Just a few ideas from, "Down By the River"!

Take care John,

River House Radio

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