[AMRadio] Novars and Compactrons Used In Ham Gear

Mahlon Haunschild mahlonhaunschild at cox.net
Fri Apr 2 07:14:01 EST 2004

Don, you can add these to your list:

6GJ5:  used in National NCX-3 and NCX-5 transceivers
6HF5:  used in Galaxy V and GT-550 transceivers
6JB6:  used in National NCX-200 transceiver
6LB6:  used in Galaxy 2000B amplifier (ten of 'em!)
6LQ6:  used in National NCX-500 transceiver

A number of Novar and Compactron sweep tube types found use in Swan 
transceivers, but I don't know enough about that product line to comment 

Might as well re-title your list "Novars and Compactrons Used In Ham Gear".


Mahlon - K4OQ
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> Here is the list I come up with after searching the web and getting all =
> of your replies. Some people expressed an interest in the 6T9 tube and I =
> think those are available cheaply from AES. There is probably lots =
> missing from this list, especially many sweep-type compactron finals.=20
> For what it's worth, here it is. I will be going through my compactron =
> pile and posting any that I don't need. I gathered them all together =
> last night and probably have 200. But I don't recall seeing many of =
> these types.=20
> Updates are always welcome.
> 73, Don Merz, N3RHT
> 6AF11 used by early Yaesu and GE homebrew plans. See  =
> http://www.jvgavila.com/compac.htm
> 6AN8 used in Heathkit and Dynaco audio amplifiers
> 6AS11 used in Heathkit SB-300, SB-301, SB-400, SB-401
> 6AV11 used in Heathkit SB-401. A triple-triode supposed to be 1.5 =
> 12AU7s.
> 6C10 used in Heathkit HO-10 and HO-13 'scopes
> 6D10 used in Heathkit SB-401 and WRL SB-175. 6D10 is a triple triode.
> 6E10 used in Heathkit SB-610 scope
> 6GE5 used in Heathkit HW-16 in the final. Equivalent to octal 6DQ6B.
> 6HF5 used in Drake 2-NT in the final.
> 6HF9 used in Heathkit SB-300 (may not be a Compactron per-se)
> 6J11 used in Heathkit SB-401
> 6JB6 used as finals in the Drake T4-series transmitters
> 6JM6 used in Yaesu FT-100 Transceiver
> 6JS6 used in Yaesu FT-101
> 6M11 used in superhet published in Elementary Electronics magazine
> 6T9 used in 1972 ARRL Handbook 80/40 CW rig
> 12GE5s (2) used by Heathkit HW-12,22,32
> Notes:
> Yaesu FT-DX560 uses compactrons in the final=20

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