[AMRadio] HV Cable

RoadKing hogtamer at wt.net
Sun Apr 4 17:01:45 EDT 2004

At 02:00 PM 4/4/2004, you wrote:

Where does one find BLACK high
voltage cable?


Another source which is fairly inexpensive is to go to your Napa
Automotive Store, they sell  Beldin Spark Plug wire in Black, Blue,
Red, Yellow.  I happen to like the colorful Stuff, thats what I used
in the 304tl rig and plan to use it in my 20v3.

Caution: Be sure you get the WIRE conductor, they also sell the Graphite
center conductor..  you don't have to ask How I



River House Radio

Curator of the Wharton Branch of the San Bernard River.  ;-)

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