[AMRadio] FS: B&W 5100-B, DX-100, Tubes

Merz Donald S merz.ds at mellon.com
Mon Apr 5 10:18:39 EDT 2004

FOR SALE. Headed for eBay unless someone here wants this stuff.

B&W 5100B HF AM/CW transmitter. Looks all original and complete. No holes, no rust, original knobs, paint, meter and dial. Dial works. Silk screening is crisp and clear. Has paint chips all around turned edge of front panel. Cabinet has one paint chip on top but is otherwise quite excellent. Clean inside. Good candidate for restoration. Untested. As-is. $259

Heathkit DX-100 HF CW/AM transmitter in the large gray case. This version looks just like all the others, but it has a lift-up lid on top. Could that be original? All original knobs, meter, paint and dial except small red concentric knobs are missing (like they all are--what a bad design those were!).  Front panel and case have some marks but both look very good. Needs a cleaning but should restore to excellent condition. Untested. As-is. $165

Another Heathkit DX-100--this one for parts. Heavily modified with unoriginal holes and controls on the front panel. The original large gray cabinet has been painted sloppy black. Missing some knobs including main tuning and missing tubes including 1625s. Inside is incredibly dirty and probably has some corrosion underneath. Untested. As-is. Parts unit. $60

x99 tubes. I have 8 199, 299 and other x99 tubes that are ALL DUDS except one which appears gassy. Also in this group is an RCA 120 dud that looks just like the x99. Most of these are RCA or unlabeled. One has an original Songbird paper label on it. $20 PPD for all.

Two 6GE5 compactron tubes as used in Heathkit single bander finals. Used pulls. 
Untested. $8/both PPD

3 12GE5 Compactron tubes possibly used as finals in some Heathkit gear. Used pulls. 
Untested. $9/all 3 PPD

6KD6 Compactron sweep final tube. Used pull. Untested. $5 PPD

Motorola HEP 2 transistor band new in original retail sales package with documentation. Kind of worn looking. Tomorrow's collectible today. $10 PPD

FREE: 4 6146B tubes with top caps that have come off. Repairable with some effort. Untested. 

Thanks for looking.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT 
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