[AMRadio] Chassis Wanted

Mike Dorworth K4XM k4xm at arczip.com
Tue Apr 6 14:56:08 EDT 2004

These are in stock at Mouser and Antique Radio Supply (tubes &more). I got
one from Mouser this size that was dropped shipped from Canada..came in 2
days.. 73 Mike
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Hi. I'm looking for a chassis for a project. It should be female, about 27
years old with size 38C....oh wait...wrong list...

Actually, I need a 17" L x 11" W black wrinkle painted steel or aluminum
chassis for a project. The dimensions are fixed to fit into an existing
homebrew rack. So I need these exact dimensions.

Chassis depth should be 2.5" or more. It can have holes but should not be
completely Swiss cheese. I will buy something that has the remains of an old
project on it and clean it off if need be. Whatever...

Trade glowbug parts or ham gear parts or tubes or pay cash.

Any references to a source for this item would be much appreciated. This is
one of those cases where I have just about every other size--but of course,
not the one I need.

73, Don Merz, N3RHT

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