[AMRadio] FS: Simpson, Heathkit, Bendix, Homebrew

Merz Donald S merz.ds at mellon.com
Tue Aug 3 15:41:41 EDT 2004

For Sale: Miscellaneous BA-Related Stuff. Headed to eBay unless you want it. I will never get to this stuff or don't need it or don't have space for it or...

Simpson 260 VOM series 3. No mirrored scale. Dirty but no cracks or chips. Takes 1 D cell and 4 double-As. It had a battery leak at one time and has corrosion inside. Not devastating but not good. Should restore easily. As-is. $15

Simpson 260 VOM Series 6M. Has mirrored scale. Nice shape all around. With probes and original Simpson case that has the lid broken off. $35

Heathkit C-2 Condenser Checker. 1952-vintage with Heath Company HC crown logo. Front panel is pretty good with a few small paint dings. Cabinet is poor due to rust. Tuning Eye. No holes or modifications. Quite appealing in a restoration context. Possibly still useful for BA restoration. Untested. As-is. $15

Heathkit RF Generator. Also from the 1952 Heathkit line with the words "RF Generator" across a sine wave in the upper left corner. This matches the cap checker above in panel design and it is the same size and shape. So these 2 look like fraternal twins. Dirty with much nicotine. But front panel should clean up as nice as the other one. Cabinet has some rust and is dirty. No holes or modifications. $15

Both Heathkits above for $25.

Bendix RA-12 receiver. WWII-vintage I think. Heavily ham modified with AC power supply and big hole in top for air flow. Front panel is basically gone and replaced with what was supposed to be a conventional slide rule dial. But the dial and bezel are loose and the dial string is broken. The front may have had some motor drive on it for remote tuning at one time. But that is all gone. The radio was originally painted gray but is now black. Believe it or not, this thing works and ain't too bad. It covers LF and HF up to 9.5mhz. As-is. Only for the adventurous. $65

Homebrew audio amplifier. This is on a small steel chassis about 6x12x1 with a home made bare aluminum front panel containing many Dymo-labeled controls. This had 2 45 tubes in the output at one time but those are gone. The rest of the tubes--all octal except for the 80 rectifier--are there. This seems to be an early attempt at bi-amplification with separate gain controls for "Hi-Level" and "Low-Level". The builder has thoughtfully provided a detailed schematic drawn on graph paper. But no indication is give about how this nice amp was used or who built it or what it connected to. the output is switchable to (1) (2) or (Dummy Load), each of these being front panel 1/4" connections. there is also a pre-amp output and a "Hi-Volt Output". Construction practices are strictly first class with well-managed parts placement and lead dress. But the parts are all quite old with wax caps and big-bodied resistors. The transformers have no obvious markings except numbers that don't mean anything to me. As-is. Untested. Missing 2 45 tubes. No cabinet. $20

Homebrew audio oscillator. This looks like someone built a small, miniature tube-based HF receiver. then later they needed an audio oscillator and converted the receiver into one. This is about 10 inches long, 6 inches deep and 6 inches high. It has a nice slide-rule dial with the numbers meticulously changed from HF to audio frequencies. It is all aluminum. AC supply is built-in. Uses about 5 miniature tubes. No cabinet. $20

Thanks for looking.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT

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