[AMRadio] North Hills (Pittsburgh) Hamfest Report

Merz Donald S merz.ds at mellon.com
Thu Aug 12 10:56:31 EDT 2004

The North Hills Amateur Radio Club http://www.nharc.pgh.pa.us/ held its annual hamfest last Sunday, August 8th. This fest is held in the local library parking lot and is quite small with no more than 25 vendors present. I am a member of this club so I know most everyone there and always go to this one. Weather was about as nice as it is possible to have a day on planet Earth. 

There were very few actual boatanchors there. I had my Lafayette HE-30 there for $75 and it didn't sell (now on eBay). Here's what else I saw:

Collins 75S1 $200 SOLD in a flash
Elmac AF67 with 2 vibrator power supplies $35 Sold (to me)
Heathkit SB-220 didn't get price. Not sold.
Heathkit low end transmitter and VFO. Sold
Hallicrafters HT-40 Sold.
Heathkit 2060 Antenna Tuner. Near-mint. $150. Good deal. Unsold. Should have bought it...
Hallicrafters PM-23 with holes and bad paint. $80 unsold
Hallicrafters S-41G. Didn't get price. Might have sold.
EFJ Speed-X bug. $35 Sold
Vibroplex bug. Early Narrow base. Missing parts. $30 Sold

Test Gear

Tek 475 with cart. Unsold.
Triplett Signal Generator. $15 Unsold.
Heathkit T-2 Signal Tracer (1952). Sold to me for $1


Friend John showed up with a pickup truck full of tubes and good stuff. He sold all the tubes in one lot for $300. Most were NOSB. Very few 2-digit types but also no TV junk. It was an impressive set of tubes. He also had a set of Riders for $40 (sold), some old Utah, Jensen and other big speakers (all sold), homebrew audio amps and an Eico Williamson (all sold). he had a big old RCA business-band 2-way FM TX in a heavy open frame steel rack with one 6146 in the final that sat there all day and he didn't want to take it home. So he sold it to me for $5. I am going to strip it for parts.


It was a pretty decent day for the junk box. I bought a box full of pilot lamps and 3AG-size fuses, most still in the packaging. I will be offering some of the duplicates here for sale as soon as I get them sorted out. Another guy had drawers full of small parts for 10 to 25 cents each. A small box full of knobs, tube sockets, coil forms and a complete set of B&W JEL coils for 10-80 meters cost the princely sum of $4.

The guy that bought John's tubes sold me a few for spares. For $15 I got 3-42's, 2-2A5's, 1-56, 1-57, 1-3B28, 1-5V4G and 1 5R4GYB. All except the 5R4 are NOSB Sylvania and RCA.

Stuff. I also picked up a box of literature for a buck that was going to be thrown away. In the bottom was 6 or 8 old tube wall charts from RCA, Cunningham, Sylvania and others. 

That's about it. NHARC had good food, cooked right on a gas grill with fresh lettuce and tomatoes for the hamburgers. Maybe it's just me, but hamfest food seems to be improving.

Pictures are already posted at the URL above. I don't think I am in any of them...

73, Don Merz, N3RHT
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