[AMRadio] RE: GB> Original T.O. Keyer Article When?

Alan Cohen acohen at texas.net
Fri Aug 13 17:24:31 EDT 2004

All this talk about W9TO's famous keyer has me wondering about several 

It was probably the most successful electronic key produced up until 
the 1970's.   Hallicrafters built a boatload of the things in the early 
60's.  So many in fact, that they are still a common item at hamfests 
and online auctions.   It is pretty safe to assume that the vast 
majority of gray-based single lever Vibroplex paddles that you see at 
hamfests started their career plugged into a T.O. keyer.

Yet, it is very interesting to me that plans for the T.O. were 
published in a number of places, even as Hallicrafters was producing 
them commercially.  I can think of no other piece of gear that was 
built under such an arrangement.  Was this design licensed to 
Hallicrafters, or did they simply appropriate it?  Who was W9TO, and 
did he have any connection with Hallicrafters?


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