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 > Hi all!
 > My employer is wanting to sell three old broadcast transmitters, a nearly
 > impossible task. One is a 250 watt RCA from 1949, another is a Gates 1 KW
 > transmitter using 833s, and the third is a huge Gates 5 KW from the early
 > sixties. The 5 KW is on 1460, the 1 KW on 900, and the 250 watter is on
 > 1240 kHz.
 > My employer said "Surely some radio station would want one of these for a
 > backup transmitter." I said, only a station in some poor South American
 > country. Museums do not want them, so amateur use is the only possibility
 > I see.
 > The RCA probably weighs 1000 pounds, the 1 KW Gates twice that, and the 5
 > KW probably 3000. Shipping is impossible.
 > These transmitters are located in East Kentucky. If anyone would like to
 > make an offer on one of these, please email me directly.
 > 73,
 > Paul K4PDM

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