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Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Sun Aug 15 20:13:03 EDT 2004

I think it almost smells, continued segregation of the bands by mode and now
bandwidth.  In the spirit of deregulation should amateurs be allowed to
experiment with any mode created by amateurs in any bandwidth needed for the
experiment, at any segment of any band?  After all we are amateurs that, in
the past, that developed most pre-eminent  communication modes.

This sounds like continued protection of a specific group, the digital
group.  Why did the ARRL not ask anyone else for their input about the
digital groups proposal?  Should the bands be segregated, if at all, by
voice and all others?  If the narrow band modes do not require much space,
then why separate them from all others?

One aspect of amateur radio has been making a mode work under all
restraints, skip, static, bandwidth, and man made interference.  What good
is a mode that requires a quite segment of the band to work?  Making contact
under unusual conditions is the name of the game, not protection.

73  Jim
de W5JO

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> How does the group feel about the ARRL proposed 9 KHZ AM bandwidth
> limit?  You can read the proposal at
> 73,
> Mark N5RFX

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