[AMRadio] FS: Misc BA Gear

Merz Donald S merz.ds at mellon.com
Mon Aug 16 09:47:56 EDT 2004

FS: Misc BA Gear

Military WWII TS-34/AP ocilloscope. These WWII-era tst
oscilloscopes with their distinctive shape and rubber
viewing hood used to be common in surplus. But like
the command sets, now they are somewhat harder to
find. This one is in nice original shape and has the
rubber hood. $39

Military SG-83/URM-25D. Classic military HF signal
gnerator. The nice thing about this one is that it has
the front cover and about half of the accessories that
mount in it.  Seven of the 15 normal accessories are
present. I tested this using an HP counter and it
seems to be working well on all ranges. The
calibration is, of course, slightly off. So you will want
to use a counter with this for precision work. Some
scrapes on the case but excellent front panel.
Controls all work smoothly and meter works. I do not
have a manual and you will probably want one because
the URM-25 is is not a self-explanatory signal 
generator. $109

Military WWII key. This is the British made key with the steel 
base and cover that goes with the Wireless Set Number 19
Mark II Tank Radio. (There were two styles--this one is the 
rounded steel cover type.) Some scratches on case. No cord.
Key mechanism is stiff but works. $27 mailed to your door.

National Union Lecture Set. Small set of lectures on stuff like
"The Pentode Tube" and "Space Current" presented by National 
Union tube company in the 1930's. Small format, no covers, 
about 6 complete and pages from a few others. Free.

1928 Hamilton Radio Catalog (Chicago) for the broadcast and
amateur set builder. Nice sections on Silver Marshall, Norden-
Hauck, Browning-Drake and other famous names. Cover is loose
and has a chip out of it. But this is very nice. 
100+ pages. $16 PPD

Dressen-Barnes Corp Model 5-300F Regulated HV Power Supply. Looks 
like 0-500VDC at 0-300ma. 19 inch rackmount. Very impressive 
construction and more impressive weight--probably about 75 pounds. 
Untested. Complete and unmodified. $39 + shipping (ouch!)

Military Power Cable CX-13306/VRC. Possibly for the VRC-12. 
This is 5 feet long, with a 4-pin female on one end. The other 
end is a large-ish 3-pin male connector with an external 
screw-on clamping ring that definitely fits the VRC-12 radio. 
These are heavy gauge cables--obviously for power. The cable
is dated 1992 and humorously has "use by 1/02" stamped 
on it. $12.

Thanks for looking.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT
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