[AMRadio] FS: Literature, Pilot Lamps, Geloso Dial, Fuses

Merz Donald S merz.ds at mellon.com
Tue Aug 17 09:23:55 EDT 2004


1930's Tube Charts: This is a group of tube
characteristics wall charts published by various
manufacturers. These are printed in B&W and mostly
fold out to be about 2 feet by 30 inches or so. There
are 4 charts, one each of Hygrade Sylvania (1933), RCA
Cunningham (1935), Ken-Rad (1935) and National Union
(1934).  These have been stored folded and have the
occasional ripped fold. Paper quality varies and
generally looks old (go figure). $14 for all 4 PPD

Eagle All-Wave Circuit Book "Devoted to the interests
of the Amateur, Set Builder, Serviceman and Radio
Beginner". Located at 84 Cortlandt Street, Eagle was
one of those radio sellers beating the patent wars by
selling superhets as parts kits. So this is a
thinly-disguised catalog from about 1936. It features
plans and parts for BC and SW sets, some using
standard Miller coil kits. Some of the plans are
directly from magazines like Radio Craft and are cited
as such. There's the Eagle "Lazyman 4" and the
"Playboy 6".  "All Major Parts Mounted On Chassis for
Easy Wiring". Several metal tube sets are also
featured. Who could forget the famous Eagle 7 with
"features that guarantee reception from every
continent". If you can't afford the whole parts kit
for $21.50, you can sign up for the Eagle "Pay as you
build" plan. Add the BFO for $2, a complete set of
tubes for $4.50 and a Rola dynamic speaker for $3.45.
This comes with several big fold-outs but an old
Chesterfield ad has become stuck to one of them.
There's also a cover letter from Eagle and several
other radio plans from "85" Cortlandt Street. The
heavy orange cover on this 8-1/2x11 booklet is trying
to fall off but just can't finish the job. Otherwise,
this is in petty decent, readable and useable
condition. $19 PPD

Mallory Condenser Service and Replacement Manual for
1936, 100 pages, small format, nice shape. $8 PPD

Centralab Volume Control Guide, 1936. Nice shape. 90
pages, small format. $6 PPD

Hygrade Sylvania Auto Radio Installation and Servicing
Booklets (2), one from 1934 and the other dated
1936-37.  These are small format, about 70 pages each.
Both: $9 PPD

Radio News for July, 1926, and April, 1927. Both have
no covers, but they are readable, not fragile. $7 PPD

Famous Allied Radio "Coil Winding and RF Resonance
Calculator" from 1943. Way cool and still quite useful
cardboard slide rule. Unfortunately, one of the scales
has come loose at one end and probably needs glued. $5 PPD

Heathkit Technical Application Bulletins. This set of
40 or so 3-4 page bulletins was publishd by Heath about
1952-53 to guide users in the use of their test
equipment kits. Written in a beautfully simple way and
heavily illustrated with photos and diagrams, these
cover topics such as "Oscilloscope Audio
Applications", "Servicing With The Heathkit Condenser
Checker" and so forth. Here is the whole set in the
original Heathkit 3-ring binder. This set is great and
I wouldn't be selling it except that it is a duplicate
for me. $22 PPD

Geloso dial. What the heck? This is a new, old-stock
dial face with black and clear plastic bezel, dial
pointer, dial lamp with socket and assorted mounting
screws. All in the original packing with instructions
printed in Italian (but the dial face is in English). 
So there is no tuning mechanism here-just the cosmetic
parts from the famous Geloso boatanchor receiver.
Excellent or like-new in every respect.. $22 PPD

Buss MDL 1/2 250 volt 1/2A 3AG-size fuses. NOS Box of
25: $5 PPD. 3 boxes to sell.

Pilot lamps: Small box of mostly NOS lamps in
partly-used packages. I have not checked each package
because it's just too doggone tedious. But here's what
I think is here: 8 boxes of #47 lamps of various
brands. 2 boxes of #51, 3 boxes of #PR2, 2 boxes of
#1891, 1 box of 1490, 2 boxes #46, 1 box of 3.8V, .3A,
G-3.5 bulbs, plus some loose 47s, 51s and other
odd-balls. $23 PPD for all

Thanks for looking.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT
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