[AMRadio] Re: Proposed AM 9 KHz BW limitation

Donald Chester k4kyv at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 17 19:22:28 EDT 2004

>9 KHZ seems like more than enough for AM, after all, broadcasters are 
>spaced 10KHz apart, and have very good quality signals...>So, a 9 KHz limit 
>would make some sense, and should be plenty. This is not about broadcasting 
>or demanding telephone-quality, and what I am saying that I would not 
>object to a 9KHz -26dB bandtwidth limit as matter of a station's good 
>practice,... All this means is that the audio quality will be excellent 
>when limited, by good operating practice, to a reasonable 3000-3500 Hz 
>audio bandwidth. So, there should be no 'static' from the AM enthusiasts..
>I... do object to a 'strict' 3KHz limit on SSB bandwidth, as some older 
>rigs are a bit wider, such as the GRC-106 military HF radio, which is about 
>3300Hz wide at -3dB and 4KHz wide at -40dB. Maybe it won't cause a 
>problem.. ...>I do appreciate that "Amateurs would not be required to be 
>able to measure the bandwidth of their signals", as this relieves the 
>requirement for costly equipment. I understand that it does not relieve the 
>responsibility for compliance. I'm sure it will be easy to comply using 
>simple instruments.

I object to ANY new additional restrictions being placed on our operation, 
beyond the restrictions that already exist.


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