[AMRadio] Eico 722 VFO dial slippage

ronnie.hull ronnie.hull at glowbugs.com
Fri Aug 20 13:38:19 EDT 2004

I recently became the proud father of a Eico 722 VFO. This little rig is 
very very stable for its age. Hell Im impressed!!  Looks good on the scope 
too. No A/C ripple in the p/s though it has original caps. I'm going to 
change them out just cuz..

the only problem is has is that the dial adjust knob on the front will not 
turn the dial. The dial is edge driven by a spring loaded brass shaft that 
has a groove in it that I presume the edge of the dial sits in. Trouble is, 
it doesn't. I don't know if its possible that the dial has shrunk? But..its 
about 1/32 away from touching the shaft.

I can manually turn the dial, and the dial string will move the variable cap 
and move the frequency of the unit.

Does anyone have experience with this rig? and this problem?

thanks in advance
W5SUM  - Ronnie

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