[AMRadio] Re: Yet another Scurvy Dog

Patrick Jankowiak recycler at swbell.net
Fri Aug 20 19:55:43 EDT 2004

I found some of the transformer manuals I scanned and serve 
online for free had been uploaded to BAMA and someone else 
claimed the credit for them.

I thought it was rude, but decided I really don't care. evilbay 
has a complaint department.. but the question is, who does the 
work really belong to anymore? sure, the scanning work is yours, 
and the material may or may not be copyrighted, and the company 
may be out of business.. gets complex.

The way I see it, if I scan in some work that is not mine (in 
good conscience because it is not supported anymore, or out of 
business, or company does not care, etc), and then I post it on 
the internet for all to take, why should I complain? I have given 
it away to all, for the betterment of the art or hobby.

Case in point I have 4 tube manuals online, and have used a 
sniffer to watch people suck them down using automation, all 
600MB, a few files at a time.

I had one guy send me DEC computer manuals on CD, and I posted 
them, only to find out later that he had gotten them from 
VT100.org, as the owner of VT100 just happned to point out a few 
weeks later. As an honest webmaster, I removed the files, and 
turned the links into pointers to VT100.org.

In posting your work to BAMA, have you implicitly released the 
work into the public domain?

Is there a lawyer in the house?

I have not seen my work sold on CD however. Just pop off a note 
to evilbay complaint department if you don't like it. They will 
shut him down and explain that he cannot do that.


From: Mark Foltarz <Foltarz at rocketmail.com>

Well I found this ad on Ebay of a guy selling a copy of a manual 
that I
uploaded to BAMA.


The cover has the same  crease in the right upper corner , the 
same missing
pieces on the comb binder  and the same small spots in various 

I emailed the guy and can't wait to here his reply.

If you can view the Ebay site you certainly as hell can download 
from BAMA.

And NO ONE will convince me thay he is doing any one  " a service. "



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