[AMRadio] R-274/FRR

Glenn Laser glaser at erols.com
Sat Aug 21 09:04:31 EDT 2004

Hi Group;
I have a R-274/FRR

The right plate on front panel is as follows:

SERIAL NO. 185 ORDER NO. 18566-PHIL-49-7

The manual is TM11-897 DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY  DATED MAY 1952
For those of you who were in the army and attended training on 
equipment, remember how we would color code the signal and power path 
on schematics?
In the TM that came with this unit it has large schematics with the 
color coded signal and power paths with notes on them like you would 
add to the while attending training. This brought back a lot of memories.
Back in the late 40's when I was getting interested in radio at age of
10 or later the Allied Radio Catalogue had a picture of one on it's 
back cover. I just used to stare at this strange looking receiver and 
all the knobs, wondering what each one did. I found this one at a 
hamfest in VA about 20 or so years ago. $50.00 and a dolly got it to 
the car. A few years ago at Dayton I saw a seller with several new 
ones with ones with Military stamps on the front panel but don't 
remember his asking price. The one I have does not have any stamps on 
it but the labeling above the Band Selector has the D SE pretty much 
rubbed off and their are some light (arc)scratches to the left of the 
TUNING knob which would have happened if the operator had a ring on 
his  right hand finger next to his little finger while changing bands. 
I can only guess this radio was in service at some time some where. 
Can you imagine using this RX at a designated receiver site handling 
AM or RTTY links? Mine works fine for it's age and design and used it 
for a while on the AM Frequencies.
A long story but I do have my dream RX from many years ago.
73 Glenn W3WTE

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