[AMRadio] FS: ART-13 and dynamotor

Patrick Jankowiak recycler at swbell.net
Sun Aug 22 08:37:50 EDT 2004

Hi All,

Giving the list a shot at it before it goes to the evilbay.

ART-13 including optional low frequency oscillator and dynamotor.

It is my personal unit which I picked from a stack of them at 
Nortex Electronics (all the rest long gone now, since Nortex went 
on the WWW), had for several years, never did anything with it, 
so I am selling.

Here are the basic details:

1. Appears complete and unhacked.

2. Mechanicals seem fine.

3. Tuning Book matches unit.

4. Not tested, As shown in pictures, no cables only what is shown.

6. Minor cosmetics as can be seen including the respectable 
scratch on the LF oscillator near the range switch, and the top 
cover is slightly warped on one end, making it difficult to set 
both retaining screws.

I have $175 in it, best offer equal to or over that. I can ship 
fedex ground from 75216, and it will cost $20 to pack this 
properly using new materials so it arrives in one piece.

Questions welcome,


By the way have y'all seen Nortex's web page?

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