[AMRadio] few items needed

ronnie.hull ronnie.hull at glowbugs.com
Sun Aug 22 13:29:50 EDT 2004

I need a good dowkey relay, 110v coil, external contacts

I need a junker Eico 720 that has a good meter.. I don't care about anything 
else in it but I have to have a good meter

would love a good copy of a eico 722 vfo manual. Factory copy not necessary
a copy will do

would love to get my hands on a nice Drake R4B or R4C. NO junkers here. Will 
pay premium for a good working rx.

I have LOTS of part, high power, modulation, etc etc.. tubes galore.. some 
gear to trade

whatcha got? Whatcha need?


Ronnie - W5SUM

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