[AMRadio] For Sale: CE 600L, Tektronix 453, HP 5245L

Merz Donald S merz.ds at mellon.com
Wed Aug 25 11:29:24 EDT 2004

FOR SALE. These are going your way or eBay.

Kenwood TS-430S package. This is a TS-430S for the serious ham. The package includes the AT-250 auto tuner, narrow CW filter, narrow SSB filter and the FM board. The Kenwood 5khz modification has been done on the digital display. With Kenwood hand mic, manual copies and a stack of old T/K Newsletters covering the 430, 930 and other period Kenwood rigs. Note that there is no power supply (12VDC required) but the power cable is included so any old 12V supply will do. Very fine cosmetic condition and excellent working condition. Note that this radio has an excellent receiver and tunes .5-30Mhz, not just the ham bands. $425  OBO

Central Electronics 600L Amplifier. This has a single 813 in the final. It requires 10W-20W drive for full output. Broad banded-no tuning (note that this means that you MUST use an antenna tuner--there's no pi-net to protect the amp). This unit looks very good (and I mean VERY good),  and works well on all bands except 15 meters. 15 meters is dead. Gets 300-350 watts out on 80 meters. The power supply (which is built-in) has been converted from 816 tubes to solid state (but the regulator tube is still used). The overload protection relay was popping all the time so a sophisticated repair was made by jamming a small piece of wood into the relay to keep it still. $425

Tektronix 453 oscilloscope. Solid 50Mhz bench scope in good looking and good working condition--one one channel. Dead on channel B. Bright trace and beautiful front panel. With original front panel cover. In good shape. Use as single channel scope or fix channel B. $50

HP 5245L frequency counter. Nixie tubes! Looks well-used and just okay with many dings, scrapes, removed tags and such. With 50-500mhz plug-in and copy of the military manual set for this counter. Working well. $45

Tek 203 'scope cart with the 2 big drawers below and power outlets on rear. Tilts nice. Good casters and useful bottom shelf. Needs cleaned but will clean up into very nice condition. Not sure what 'scopes this can be used with... $25 plus shipping (ugh!)

Thanks for looking.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT
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