[AMRadio] FS: Cabinet, Webster Electric Amps. Simpson Bridge, More

Merz Donald S merz.ds at mellon.com
Fri Dec 3 11:12:30 EST 2004

For Sale. This stuff will all be posted to eBay during December unless someone here wants it.

"Modern Look" gray hammertone cabinet. Front panel opening is 19 inches wide and 10.5 inches high. Paint is good or very good with some scratches and marks. This is ALMOST deep enough to take a stock R390A and it has mounting rails installed for that purpose. But the only way an R390 or R390A will fit is if you cut about ¾ inch off of the two rear flanges that stick out on the back of the R390A down to about half the height of the radio. Then the R390 just fits in, snug as a bug. Cutouts in the back allow access to the R390A antenna and audio connections. This cabinet is not deep enough for the SP-600 radio. Or use it for something else... $50

Webster Electric WSC 515 Pre-Amp/Compressor with WSC 680 Microphone Preamp. This is a 3.5 inch high, 19 inch rackmount tube-type unit with line and mic inputs and line output. Looks very good or better. Meter shows compression percentage. Untested. As-is. $59

Webster Electric WSA 120 Power Amp (8417 tubes for output). This is a 19" rackmount unit about 9 inches tall. Big iron for output. Speaker outputs and 70V outputs. Line input. Filtering switchable for MUSIC or VOICE. 120 watts out, I think. Looks very good or better. Untested. As-is. $49

Simpson 2785 Impedance Bridge. This is a 1960's vintage Simpson impedance bridge for measuring R, L and C accurately. It's a very wide range instrument. Made in Germany with German build quality. It uses a slide rule dial as a readout. Power is provided by a 9VDC, 500ma wall wart power supply which is hard-wired to the unit. This is in very good cosmetic and working condition. With original manual. $99

Main selector knob for Bliley Model CCO Crystal oscillator. Bliley CCO logo in center. Free if you can use it.

Globe Scout 40. Was this the first WRL "Scout" transmitter design? This one is in near-mint original condition. But only have one coil for it. With docs. Working. $139

Military BC-779 with matching power supply. The good news is that the radio comes in the rare, original, military desktop cabinet. The power supply is also in a cabinet, though the cabinet is a later add-on and not original. Both units are all original. Radio has good original knobs. Bandswitch works well, as does tuning. The bad news is that both front panels have some sort of discoloration around the engraved lettering and will need refinished. Untested and needing restoration. As-is. With original manuals and a partly-cannibalized parts radio. $199

WWII Navy RBM or RBS receiver. The tag is gone so I can't tell which one this is. some peeling paint on front panel. No cabinet. No rust or modifications or other problems. Good restoration candidate. $50

Original Navy power supply for above receiver. With cables and connectors. Peeling paint on front panel. But complete, original with no rust or modifications or other problems. $50 with radio above. Not for sale separately unless radio is sold first.

Military WWII TS-34/AP oscilloscope. These WWII-era test oscilloscopes with their distinctive shape and rubber viewing hood used to be common in surplus. But like the command sets, now they are somewhat harder to find. This one is in nice original shape and has the rubber hood. $15

Military CV-62/U FSK demodulator (TU) with scope for tuning and all the trimmings. Old, tube-type in a gray 10.5 inch rackmount panel. No cabinet (But I have one or two that would fit it for $40 extra). No covers and never had any that I can tell. Neat old unit. Untested. As-is. $49

Tektronix 575 Transistor Curve Tracer. Nice original condition. With original manual and an assortment of the bakelite base adapters for different transistor packages. Looks good. Working. $139 plus shipping on about 90 pounds.

HP 3300A Function Generator with matching HP 3305A sweep plug-in. Covers 0-100khz. Sine, square and Triangle output. With manual copies for both units.
Looks good but has some dings and label residue. Untested. As-is. $39

HP Audio generator 200CD, all original, looks good except for handle, works. with original manual: $22

General Radio 740B capacity bridge. Typical older (black) GR bridge with tilt legs on back of case for convenient angle on the bench. Uses 6E5 eye tube for balance indicator. Was supposed to have a lid but I don't have one. The little 2-prong recessed male line connector has been removed and replaced with a captive line cord. Otherwise, I think this is all original. The front panel has several inventory tags on it and a rough spot where I assume a calibration tag was. I think the 6E5 eye tube originally had a hood on it, but that is missing here. Inside, the unit is like new with typical GR museum-quality construction practices. Untested. This uses a 6X5 rectifier and an aluminum can electrolytic filter. I was reluctant to plug this in without taking the time to reform the cap. But that is just about the only possible suspect component. So I expect that this either works as-is or can be brought back by replacing one cap. As-is. $29

Another General Radio 740B capacity bridge. This one seems to be older than the one above. It is not in as good condition either. The knob style is different and I believe that one knob is wrong. It has the tilt legs on back of case for convenient angle on the bench but no lid on this one either. Uses 6E5 eye tube for balance indicator. The little 2-prong recessed male line connector is intact on this one. The front panel has some tag mess on it and some oxidation damage. This ain't no beauty queen. The 6E5 eye tube hood is present but has several dings in it. Inside, the unit is like new. This uses the same 6X5 rectifier/electrolytic filter cap setup and I have not plugged it in. I do think that this either works as-is or can be brought back by replacing one cap. Untested. As-is. $14

Thanks for looking.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT
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