[AMRadio] National Receiver Question

David Hollander n7rk at cox.net
Fri Dec 3 19:09:21 EST 2004

Hi again Mike - altough a number of 1930's National receivers used the 
moving catcomb coil assembly, only the NC-200 and NC-240 had the unique 
arrangement where you pull out the main tuning knob to change bands. The 
moving catacomb coil assembly was a James Millen design which first 
appeared in the NC-101X around 1936 I believe. Although the HRO was very 
popular with it's plug-in coils, National did have bandswitched 
receivers at the same time as well with the NC-101 series which were ham 
band only and the general coverage NC-100 Art Deco.

I own a whole bunch of these receivers so I am quite familiar with them. 
I have several NC-101's, NC-100ASD, NC-100 Art Deco, RAO-7, RCE and an 
NC-200. They are all very good receivers for their time, work well and 
are extremely well made.

The NC-200 or NC-240 is a nice and very well made receiver. Enjoy it if 
you have one

Dave N7RK
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