[AMRadio] FS: BA Literature and Misc.

Merz Donald S merz.ds at mellon.com
Tue Dec 14 09:56:21 EST 2004

For Sale: More BA Literature and Other Stuff 

Vertical Antenna Classics by R. Schetgen, large format paperback,  ARRL, 1995. $9

Lee, Capt. Paul N., USNR, Vertical Antenna Handbook, Cowan (CQ), 1974, small format paperback. $11

Cooke, Mathematics for Electricians and Radiomen, McGraw-Hill Hardback, 1942. Good. $9

Fribance, Industrial Instrumentation Fundamentals, McGraw-Hill, 1962, good hardback. $9

Tucker and Wills, A Simplified Technique of Control System Engineering, Honeywell, 1962, good hardback: $8

Into A Second Century With Procter and Gamble, 1944. P&G company history, Good hardback. $6

Parr, The Cathode Ray Tube, 1937, good hardback: $8

Heathkit T-3 Signal Tracer with probe. Powers up and eye lights but stays closed all the time. Does not seem to do anything unless switch is in "High" position. So this needs some work (or maybe just switch cleaning). $19

Heathkit IT-12 Signal Tracer. Must be a later version of T-3 above. With probe but probe cables have been taped. Lots of paint missing from one cabinet side. Flocking is worn a bit thin. Gain control is very noisy. But otherwise seems to work including eye tube. $14

ARRL Hints and Kinks, Vol. VII, 1965, good condition. $6

ARRL, A Course In Radio Fundamentals, George Grammar, 3rd ed., 1948. Some spine wear. $6

CQ Magazine, 1/60, 9/60, 4/62, 5/73. Spines loose and deterorating. $1

Ham Radio Magazine, 7/68, 5/70, 1/74. Good. $2

GE Ham News, Vol 5. #2 with 15 watt emergency/portable rig. $0.50

RCA Ham Tips, Vol 16, #2, 7/8-1956, "Versatile Modulator", transistorized input and PP 6146's. $0.50

Tektronix P6430 Temperature Probe original manual. $5

Heathkit GD-2007 Bug Killer original manual. $3

Heathkit V-5 VTVM original manual. $5

Heathkit MP-10 Power Inverter original manual. $3

Heathkit BE-5 Battery Eliminator original manual. $3

Heathkit IG-5240 Color Generator original manual. Free

Heathkit HD-1984 Micoder II original manual. $5

Heathkit IG-42 Signal Generator foldout pictorial diagram only.  Free

Dumont MCA-101-B Mobile Communications Apparatus (FM 2-way) original manual. 1950s? $2

Elenco S-3000 Oscilloscope original manual. $1

RCA WV-516A VOM original manual. $1

Ramsey "Tattle-Tail" Telephoen Recorder original manual. Free

Link FMTR-7A Frequency Modulated Mobile Equipment original manual. $1

C. M Howes HF Amateur Equipment Kits catalog . Undated. $1

Regency ACT-T-16K Preliminary Service Manual. Free.

American Dynamics Model 1408 8-Position Sequenctial Video Switcher operating Manual. 1985. Free

Yaesu FTV-107R Transverter for 6M, 2M and 440Mc. With modules for 6M and 2M. Supports repeater split and satillite full duplex (using an external receiver). Input and output freq is 28-30mc. 20 watts SSB, CW and FSK. 5 watts AM. Includes 6M and 2M modules but no 440 module. Good working condition. Some scratches on cabinet. Front panel is excellent (this is the ivory-colored model). With partial manual copy. $110

Thanks for looking.

73, Don Merz, N3RHT
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