[AMRadio] The AM Window

peter A Markavage manualman at juno.com
Tue Dec 21 13:18:20 EST 2004

Sort of like the early 60's in the South; some have to sit at the back of
the bus. The band/mode plan will most probably fly in some form in the
future. We, as AM'ers, need to be more integrated into the main stream of
phone activity throughout the bands as we move into 2005 and beyond. The
"old" days are going fast. Hanging on to an imaginary window is probably
counterproductive as new modes become more common on the bands.

Pete, wa2cwa

On Tue, 21 Dec 2004 13:01:38 -0500 Rbethman <rbethman at comcast.net>
> I am a FIRM advocate and believer of the "Gentleman's Agreement" 
> philosophy regarding the existence and use of the AM Window.
> It seems to me an issue of courtesy and respect to have and use 
> these 
> agreements.
> Yes, there will ALWAYS be some that will NOT honor such, BUT - we 
> are 
> better off doing this amongst ourselves in lieu of the FCC and/or 
> becoming involved in some "phony" band/mode plan.
> Bob - N0DGN

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