[AMRadio] The AM Window

Chris ck at ckradio.net
Tue Dec 21 16:03:22 EST 2004

Bob,  I agree with you.   No matter where we move there will be problems 
with the near by SSB groups.
 They are spread very evenly across the band with no space in between 
for an AM signal during prime time.
The FCC recognizes the AM Windows so currently any nearby complaints are 
By using the rest of the band to illustrate a point will only lead to 
more interference and valid complaints by SSB groups.
Remember last year how many petitions were sent regarding Bandwidth and 
 Perhaps limiting the transmission to less than three minutes at a time 
with 10 seconds of space in between for other stations breaking in would 
be advantageous in many ways.  There are many AMrs waiting to get in to 
a group but never get the chance.
  If the AM window is used this way it would allow many stations to 
operate well,  even within the two or three spaces of the  3880-90kHz 
73 Chris   VE3NGW/W4 Florida

Rbethman wrote:

> I am a FIRM advocate and believer of the "Gentleman's Agreement" 
> philosophy regarding the existence and use of the AM Window.
> It seems to me an issue of courtesy and respect to have and use these 
> agreements.
> Yes, there will ALWAYS be some that will NOT honor such, BUT - we are 
> better off doing this amongst ourselves in lieu of the FCC and/or ARRL 
> becoming involved in some "phony" band/mode plan.
> Bob - N0DGN

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