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Tue Dec 21 17:56:23 EST 2004

In a message dated 12/21/04 2:05:55 PM, bcarling at cfl.rr.com writes:

> You won't get much courtesy and respect on 75m SSB.

I was first licensed back in 1951 and in my experience 75M has always been 
like that, whatever the 
mode.   Also very busy during the prime operating hours, so it has seldom 
been a matter of finding a "clear" frequency, but rather one of looking for a 
"thin" spot in the din in which to operate.   However, 75 is now virtually 
deserted during the day, at least out here on the West Coast.   Last month we ran a 
local MRCG "Field Day" down in San Pedro and monopolized 3860 - 3900 all 
morning with no problem at all.

Typically, though, more SSB activity than AM in "the window" out here.

Dennis D. W7QHO
Glendale, CA

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