Kim Elmore Kim.Elmore at noaa.gov
Tue Dec 21 18:03:22 EST 2004

Hi John,

Well, shucks. I don't collect the stuff, but I have very fond memories of 
my Dad using his Globe Champ and his Hammarlund HQ-170A and HQ-100 
receivers on AM.  As a little kid, I loved to watch the mercury vapor 
rectifiers glow.  Alas, he replaced them with 3B28s, which while more 
forgiving than the old 866As, don't make the beautiful blue glow that 
pulsates with modulation.

There is nothing like the cozy feeling I get when I turn on a stack of tube 
gear on a cold winter's night...

Merry Christmas,


At 04:46 PM 12/21/2004, you wrote:
>Hi Kim,
>Thenks for your comments.
>I am a Hallicrafters collector and have lots of things that are heavy and
>glow in the dark.  Like you, I really enjoy seing them do their thing and
>enjoying the smells that old gear emits.  There is nothing like turning 
>off a 16
>bottle receiver and sniffing the air as it cools down.
>73 and keep the bottles warm.
>John,  W4AWM
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